Who da heck is MeloCat?

Judging by the name you can probably guess that being part human and part cat (and that’s ME!)- I’m a darn proud owner of 7 rescued and adopted cats, and yes I raise all 7 meows by myself in a 500 square feet apartment in Hong Kong where flats are notorious to be just the size of a typical living room in North America…

What do you do?

What a rude (and boring) question to ask!!! Are you trying to size me up?!?!?! LOL… I have the luxury of working for myself with short on-the-job hours (sometimes as short as <5 hours a week) and still call myself employed. Therefore I have (almost) all the time in the world to chase around with, clean after, sniff, wrestle, talk to, belly rub my cats… Which actually is more like my full-time job, just like most moms out there.

When did you decide to have 7 cats? Isn’t that a lot?

I actually didn’t decide… It’s like the thug life… I didn’t choose the thug life, it chose me… So ditto with my cats~ And no it’s not a lot, I can do 70 if my pocket is thick enough. (My speculation is if you ask this question, you either don’t have meows or have not be enlightened yet…) *evil smirk*

Where did you find your cats, and where do you have room for them?

This where the answer is the same as the thug life answer above. Whereas for the space to accommodate my cats, I invented — vertical space (okay fine I didn’t invent it, geez relax~). But anyone who has ever come into our house knows the vertical space is just crazy at home, you really have to see for yourself with that one and you’ll know.

Why do you vlog/ blog about your meows?

Why da f*ck not? All my cats are the cutest, smartest, most adorable and they are super-ninja-meows~ This is a cat mom blog!!!

What else do moms talk about? Penises??? It might be true that we do (who doesn’t?!), but more importantly we talk about the cute “byproducts” by the penises…. And no I don’t talk about cat penises, coz that would be creepy…